Protect Your Retirement Today with IRA effective Planning

Protect Your Retirement Today with IRA effective Planning

Have you been let go at work? What happens to the money you have saved in your employee retirement plan?

If you have been terminated by your employer, you have
4 choices when it comes to your retirement plan money:

* Cash it out (and lose part of it to taxes and possible tax penalties)
* Leave the money in the plan (with only a handful of investment options)
* Roll it into a new workplace retirement plan (with limited investment choices)
* Roll it over into an IRA (with no taxable event occurring, and with the ability to direct the money into many different types of investments)

Consider an IRA rollover. This is a smart move, and I can help you accomplish it. Through a trustee-to-trustee transfer, you avoid the 20% withholding tax that would otherwise be incurred by simply taking a distribution from the old plan and depositing that money in an IRA.

Want more tax-deferred growth for your retirement savings? An IRA rollover allows that to happen. You get continued tax deferral, you retain personal control over the money, and you can revise or change your investment mix as you wish.

Sound good? Call me at 513.860.7934 or e-mail The more you study the options, the more you realize that the IRA rollover stands out as the smart choice.